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About Us

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Craftacks India is a premium segment brass hardware manufacturer, availing custom,functional and decorative hardware for various interior and exterior applications of the home. Our story begins in year 2001 with some Brass/Steel/Zamak Hardware parts and fittings for drapery,wooden windows and door furniture which expanded with course of time and now we deliver exceptional value 1 ½” and 2” custom bar rail fittings viz.tubing,brackets,end caps and elbows,contemporary to stylish decorative brass rope hardware for any popular diameter manila,sisal,hemp or cotton ropes,Brass stair rod fixings,Wardrobe and closet fixures,Brass Grilles and Vents,Glass Patch Fixings,Custom Exterior Shutter Hardware for functional applications,Decorative Brass Electrical Switch Plates,Red Carpet Brass Decoration and Fixtures, and more project oriented brass/steel/Stainless Steel/zamak/aluminum hardware fittings for bathrooms,kitchens,doors,windows,garden and patio segment. Craftacks Manufactured products can be found in almost every corner of Western and Eastern Europe,U.K.,U.S.A.,Canada,Australia and New Zealand through channel of reputed dealers and distributors in respective areas and trade opportunity always exist for wholesale stockists in unrepresented areas for our best in demand products. With vast practical experiences,we have emerged as one of Asia’s largest provider of DECORATIVE ROPE HARDWARE as whether you need a brass fitting for ½” diameter ropes or for 1”,1 ½”,2” diameter ropes,we have each and everything decorative brass in 10 different metal surface finishes and in popular,latest designs so you can employ your ideas in making eye catching rope banisters,rope handrails,rope chair ties and more. All our products come fitted with Stainless Steel 304 grade screws for mounting and fixing purposes,which is one of a kind innovation ensure anti rustic properties of product fixed at a place for years and years.


Our Services:

While we have a very expansive range of products that we have developed, we also work with our client’s specifications (technical drawings or samples) to develop new products. Our highly trained team members have vast experience in ensuring not only an accurate re-production of your product but also ensuring its mass-produced supply at very competitive pricing.

Customized Packaging and Labeling:

We pack our products according to your specifications. We can palletize your shipment effectively. We provide many types of product packaging including skin, blister, printed poly bags, corrugated boxes or display boxes. We ensure that our packing conforms to all laws and prevents any damage to the products. In short, your products can be packed, bar coded and ready for retail. For some of our customers, we even provide customized packaging design.

We Do Not Employ Child Labour:

We are against child labour and with the help of some NGO’S ,we work in the interest of lovely children in north India and make all efforts in developing educational institutions for poor child at no cost.

Why Us:

Craftacks has become the most trusted supplier to its esteemed clientele because we help them truly benefit from the advantages of offshore-manufacturing that are possible in today’s flat world. We know that in the competitive environment, consumers and businesses have choices. We want to explain the main reasons why we think that Craftacks is an excellent choice for your hardware needs.


In the metal hardware industry, experience is essential. There are many things that we know only by following a process of trial and error. Over 15 years, we have encountered many problems and found innovative ways of solving them. We have learnt not only from our mistakes and experiments but also from the companies that we work with around the world. Instructions from our partner’s quality control specialists have shown us the high standards of the global market and the way to meet them.

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